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Boston Celtics Thursday trade rumor roundup

This will probably be a daily sort of thing till the deadline.

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Just thought I'd get you caught up on anything you might have missed today in terms of rumors.

Danny Ainge was on the radio this morning and addressed the deadline, mostly dismissing any talk about Rajon Rondo.

Other teams 'fishing' about Rajon Rondo but nothing serious yet, says Danny Ainge |

"I think everybody’s just sort of fishing right now," Ainge said. "I don’t think that they’re anticipating anything happening. And this is the time of the year where everyone is just sort of putting their toe in the water and getting started. "I think everybody is wondering if he’s just – because he’s hurt or the team’s not doing as well, (a team thinks it might be able to) steal him away. I don’t think there’s anything serious yet," Ainge said.

See now, he had me encouraged right up until he through in that word "yet."  Maybe I'm just being hyper-sensitive and over-analyzing (get used to that) but that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.  What does make me feel better is this report that backs up everything that I am hoping for.

NBA AM: Celtics Won’t Move Rondo At Deadline? | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

However, a source with direct knowledge of the situation has informed Basketball Insiders that the Celtics have demonstrated little activity as it relates to potentially moving Rondo at the deadline. The team has stopped short of giving Rondo a no-trade guarantee, but has made it clear it would take a substantial offer for the team to deal away its floor general.

That sounds more like it.  I'm gonna rant and rave if Ainge trades Rondo regardless of what he gets back.  But when the dust settles, if he advances this team toward a championship by dealing Rondo in a sweetheart deal (either now or in the summer) then I suppose I'll understand eventually.  Personally, I feel like Rondo isn't going anywhere any time soon.  But I've been wrong before, so we'll have to wait and see.

However, everyone else on the roster not named Jared Sullinger might as well keep their agents on speed dial just in case.  It sounds like the shop is open for business and sale signs are being printed up.

Chris Broussard - NBA - ESPN

In other Celtics news, Ainge is looking to clear as much cap room as soon as he can, so if he can find takers for Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green and Avery Bradley, they're gone.

Wallace is obvious.  Green is getting more and more chatter lately and I think ultimately it might be time to move on from him if we can get good value.  Avery Bradley's name raises my eyebrows a bit, but that might have something to do with him impending restricted free agency.  He's obviously young and talented enough to have as part of the building process going forward, but if you can move him for an equal value player that's cost controlled (perhaps rookie deal) and/or another pick, then maybe that would make sense too.  Or taken from another angle, adding Avery Bradley might be the kind of sweetener that would make a team take on Gerald Wallace's deal.

I would hope that these wouldn't be pure salary dump deals though.  That would be a tough pill to swallow.

Lastly, and perhaps on a happier note, Ainge didn't rule out Paul Pierce returning to the team in the future in some capacity.  So there's always that.

As always, stay tuned to CelticsBlog (and follow us on twitter @celticsblog and ) for all the latest rumors and updates.

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