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Report: Courtney Lee trade expanding to include OKC Thunder, Ryan Gomes

interesting turn of events.

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All day we waited for the Courtney Lee for Jerryd Bayless trade to go through.  It was delayed but still expected to go through as of this afternoon. Now we have an idea of why it was delayed.


Update 2:

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

A source just confirmed an ESPN report that former Celtic Ryan Gomes, now on the end of the Oklahoma City bench, has been included in the deal that will bring Memphis guard Jerryd Bayless to Boston in exchange for Courtney Lee. The Celtics will also part with a 2016 second round pick that is said to be headed to OKC to balance out the three-team deal. Though Gomes holds a lot of sentimental value for Celtics fans, he reportedly will be waived, and was included to balance out the salary cap requirements in the deal.

Update 3:

Green Street » Report: Ryan Gomes coming to Celtics as part of Courtney Lee for Jerryd Bayless trade

Gomes’ involvement in the deal appears to be a salary dump by Oklahoma City to help facilitate the trade and create a small amount of cap space, Stein reported. The Celtics are expected to waive the former Providence College star before the remainder of his $884,293 salary becomes guaranteed on Tuesday.

There are other rumblings about Andre Miller getting moved in the next day or so.  It makes me wonder if OKC is the team looking to get Miller and the Celtics and Griz are facilitating that deal by including Gomes in this mix.

I find it kind of sad that we might be waiving Gomes.  I'm aware that he's not very good anymore (and that there was some debate over how good he was to begin with), but many of us that lived through that 2006-07 season have very fond memories of the guy.  I'd like to see him stick around personally.

Also, I wonder what we're getting out of the deal from OKC?  Maybe instead of us sending the future 2nd rounder (which was rumored earlier today as part of the deal with Memphis) OKC will send one instead?  I'm not sure.  Stay tuned for updates.

By the way, leave it to Danny Ainge to make the smallest trade of the year (so far) into the most complex one possible.

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