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Is Brandon Bass the next guy that could be traded?

Avert your eyes Brandon Bass fans.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Bass has played very well for the Celtics this year (and in years past). He's a good, solid basketball player that makes his team better. He doesn't cause problems on the court and he's been very durable. In short, he's the anti-Bynum.

He's also the kind of guy that just might be worth something to another team. He's also in his prime as a player and may not be by the time the Celtics are really good again. He also plays the same position as Jared Sullinger and (in theory) Kelly Olynyk.

So to me, it makes logical sense to see what you can get for him. Not in a salary dumping move so much as in a trade for something in return.

Blakely: Bass most logical guy for C's next trade | Comcast SportsNet -

"When you look at the way this roster is put together, Brandon Bass seems the most logical guy to be on his way out," Blakely said. "It has nothing to with performance, and everything to do with the fact that he's a guy that can get a talented player in return. Like a guy like Omer Asik in Houston. Even though Houston has put off talks of trading him, I think those talks will rekindle once we get closer to the deadline.

In theory the Celtics could still pull off the Asik deal with Bogans taking the place of Courtney Lee. Bogans isn't nearly the player that Lee is, but his contract is expiring (rather than having $11M remaining on it past this year). It might take further sweetener for Houston to pull the trigger but the Celtics can afford to wait them out at the trade deadline.

Or if they can find a better deal for Bass in the meantime, they have that option as well.

And yes, of course they can simply hold onto Bass and use his experience and production for themselves. But the roster is evolving and I wouldn't bet on Bass being in the long term plans.

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