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Should the Celtics call about Carmelo Anthony?

The Celtics have the trade chips to land a star. This star might be available sooner or later.

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First of all, DON'T blame me for this topic. Blame Rich Levine (who you can follow and pester at @rich_levine on twitter)

Secondly, before you skip immediately to the comments to spout your venom, at least take a moment and read Rich's article. Here's one particularly thoughtful (if somewhat nauseating) snippet.

Celtics should kick the tires on Carmelo Anthony | Comcast SportsNet -

In some ways, watching Anthony these days is reminiscent of watching Paul Pierce in the few years before Garnett and Allen arrived. Back when everyone said the same things about Pierce that they currently do about Anthony: That he was selfish and disgruntled and an example of everything that’s wrong with the NBA. All that changed for Pierce in 2007. Now, it’s like those dark days never happened. And likewise, there’s still time for Anthony to find that happy place. To land in a situation where everything clicks, it all makes sense, and his mentality permanently switches from "superstar" to "champion."

Here's what I'll say in support of the article. It isn't entirely Melo's fault that New York is such a train wreck. He alone wasn't enough to right the ship, but he's played well for the most part the last few years.

Putting him next to a strong willed point guard like Rajon Rondo might actually be just the thing for him actually. The minute he started falling into bad habits, Rondo would death stare at him before passing to someone else.

Finally, the Celtics do have exactly what the Knicks would want for Melo. Kris Humphries is a nice expiring contract. Jeff Green would be a pretty good stopgap at small forward while they rebuild. Then it might just be a matter of negotiating draft picks.

Still, with all that said, I don't see it happening and I don't really want to see it happening. The prime reason is Melo's age and the amount of money it would take to re-sign him long term. We got really lucky with Pierce, KG, and Allen that they all aged really well. I don't think you can count on that with Anthony over the course of his next contract.

So this is interesting food for thought, but most likely just that.

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