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Rajon Rondo almost played in D-League this week

That's got to be a good sign.

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It is starting to sound like Rondo is getting closer and closer to a return. Apparently he volunteered to play for the Red Claws this week but had such a good practice that he didn't think it was necessary.

Celtics Notebook: MarShon Brooks kicks off some rust | Boston Herald

The Red Claws were relatively close to the C’s the past two nights, at the D-League Showcase in Reno, Nev., but Rondo chose to stay with the big club. "The last I heard, he wasn’t going to play in Reno," Ainge said. "He changed his mind about that. "The initial decision, we were told, was that he would play (Tuesday), but the (Celtics) had a great practice in Denver (on Monday) and I guess he wanted to stay with the team after that."

Rajon's main goal for playing in the D-League would be to get in better game shape. If he's getting a good enough run in practice, then there's no need. In fact, it is better for him to be practicing against NBA caliber competition and with the teammates that he'll be running with the rest of the year.

That said, NBA practices can be few and far in between, so if he's still looking to get a run or two in, he there is still time to do so.

Rajon Rondo backed out of D-League assignment

But clearly, if Rondo was supposed to play in a game this week, he’s getting closer to a return. If he remains serious about getting D-League game action before returning to the Celtics, Friday could provide another possibility. The Red Claws visit Santa Cruz, Cali., a little more than an hour away from where the Celtics meet the Golden State Warriors.

There's been no stated time table for his return. He could be back this week or next month or who knows when? With that said, I get the feeling that he's closer than not to returning.

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