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Who would you pick at number 1 if the Celtics won the lottery?

You could make a case for any of the top players, but which would you pick?

Jim McIsaac

We're miles and miles away from this dream, but for kicks it would be fun to find out where fans stand on this issue.

If the Celtics somehow landed the top pick in this NBA Draft, who would you pick? There's no wrong answer here right now, but a few years from now there may be a more-correct answer given 20/20 rearview vision.

Chad Ford thinks he has an idea what Danny Ainge would do.

Lottery Mock Draft Machine - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"If the Celtics somehow manage to land the No. 1 pick, I think it will be hard for Danny Ainge to pass on Parker. Ainge is a fan, and while he loves to draft upside, Parker is a great long-term fit for them. Ainge can pretty easily trade Jeff Green and get more assets back, which is a bonus. The dark horse is Embiid."

For a closer look at the draft prospects, don't forget to check out Kevin's excellent work on the subject from earlier this week.

So who would you take?

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