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Brad Stevens impressed with Tyler Zeller's passing ability

We knew he could run, turns out he can dish as well.

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Tyler Zeller isn't expected to be a traditional rim protector and he's not going to stretch the floor with shooting.  But he is going to get out and run the floor and create matchup difficulties for opponents.  Even though Coach Stevens knows Zeller well going back to their college days, there's still some aspects of his game that are a pleasant surprise.

Zeller impressing C's with passing, speed | Comcast SportsNet -

"Probably the thing I've been, maybe the biggest surprise about Tyler Zeller has been the way he passes the ball," Stevens said. "I'm excited about our bigs being able to pass the ball as much as anything else," Stevens said. "We've talked about if they can stretch it, it's better for us shooting it. But them being able to pass is important, too."

One big thing that Zeller is going to get in Boston is opportunity.  The "true center" options on the team are slim and he has a chance to make an immediate impact.  Sean Deveney of Sporting News actually thinks he's one of the young players poised for a big step forward.

NBA breakout players: Young bigs poised for great years | NBA | Sporting News

In the Cavaliers’ futile attempts to force themselves into the playoff picture the last two years, Zeller seemed to get lost in the shuffle. But he comes to Boston with a great opportunity, one of only two 7-footers on the roster and the Celtics’ best two-way option at the team’s wide-open center position.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Zeller brings to the table as a legit 7 footer that doesn't need a map to find the painted area.

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