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Kevin Durant hurt - another star goes down

Durant joins Rondo on the list of stars that will be watching in street clothes to start the season.

Ronald Martinez

I will mail $5 to the first reporter brave enough to ask Rajon Rondo if he thinks Kevin Durant spent too much time at a trampoline park.

Durant is looking at 6-8 weeks on the sidelines as multiple sources have reported he has a fracture in his right foot. According to ESPN, this is an injury that has happened to many NBA players and has a well established timeline for return. It appears as though this is a wear and tear injury (not caused by any excessive trampolining).

In the much more competitive Western Conference, this should be a serious hit to the Thunder's regular season record and might put them in the lower half of the playoff seeding.  The difference between second and fifth in the Western Conference last year was five games.  Assuming Durant misses eight weeks, he would miss 15 games for the Thunder and his absence could certainly be worth a five game swing.

I would make a quip about the worth of sitting out of team USA activities, but when the retort is worth up to $300 million, I know when to throw in the metaphoric sarcastic towel.

Given the similar timelines for return and how important each player is to their team, this situation begs the question, which injury to the team's best player will have a bigger impact, Rondo's or Durant's?

Weigh in below.

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