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Rajon Rondo is very positive about the Celtics

Do these sound like the words of a player that's frustrated with his situation?

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The media is definitely looking for angles and "hot sports takes" at this time of year and I keep hearing people say things like "Rajon Rondo is going to want to get out of Boston" or "that relationship has soured to the point where both the team and player need a change of scenery."

Read the following comments by Rondo and tell me if you think any of that is the case here.

Rajon Rondo feels positive vibe | Boston Herald

On Brad Stevens:

"He’s very positive — the most positive coach I’ve been around in my career, and it’s hard not to play for a guy like that," Rondo said this week. "That’s every day — not just in the locker room. He’s that way off the court, with his family. He’s a role model. He has all of the characteristics of a great leader. He’s great at what he does. He’s all about the team."

On Danny Ainge:

"I believe in Danny (Ainge) and I said it a month ago. I’ve been through it. One year we were the worst team in the league and the next we were the best," he said of the wild swing between his rookie season and the 2008 Celtics championship team. "Anything can happen. Injuries are a big factor in your success. The trade deadline is a big factor. That’s what makes the NBA exciting. "But if you give me four guys who are going to compete and play as hard as possible, then I feel like I can win every game."

He's also taking an active role (again) in coaching up young players as he heals from his latest injury.

Granted, nobody can know Rondo's true heart and things can change if losses start to pile up.  But at least right now, all the outward signs are that of a player who has bought into the system and coaching staff.  That's good enough for me.

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