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Jeff Green makes the highlight reel with a tremendous chase-down block

Jeff Green's chase-down block to take away a lay up from Sergey Karasev was one of the highlight's of last night's preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

When did the Boston Celtics trade for LeBron James? Wait, no... that's Jeff Green! His chase-down block to take away a layup from Sergey Karasev brought the TD Garden crowd to their feet, infusing some energy into a Celtics team that started sluggishly against a Brooklyn team that played without any of it's regular starters.

Granted the play started with Green getting stripped on the other end, leading to Karasev's one-man fast break, but Green redeemed himself with a monster block.

Tommy Heinsohn was impressed with the play, nostalgically pointing out how much Red Auerbach would have loved that play. Well, except that Auerbach was used to watching Bill Russel make that play all the time. Except instead of swatting it to a fan in the front row, he'd deflect it to a teammate for a fast break the other way.

So the Nets got the ball back, but at least they failed to do anything with the extra possession, as Karasev missed a three-pointer - probably because he was still traumatized by having Green swat his shot into the stands.

Green's athleticism can make him a terror in the open court - both on the offensive and defensive end. Let's hope the Celtics can get more of this out of him this season. This may have been the highlight of the entire preseason, but there should be a lot more like this to come.

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