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Celtics Assistant Coach Walter McCarty facing larceny charges

In today's News of the Weird, we bring you this.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, Walter McCarty is facing charges for larceny.

The only statement to come from the team (which is the first I actually learned about it, so it was quite confusing) was this.

Walter McCarty Statement | Boston Celtics

Celtics Assistant Coach Walter McCarty released the following statement today: "This matter stems from ordering some kitchen cabinets for a home that my family and I are building. We hope to resolve the matter soon, but I simply cannot comment further while the case is pending."

Some further details are coming out including the following.

Green Street " Celtics assistant coach Walter McCarty arraigned on larceny charges

According to WCVB, Celtics assistant coach Walter McCarty was arraigned in Framingham District Court on Thursday morning on a charge of larceny. The station said that the charge stemmed from accusations of repeatedly bouncing checks to a contractor who installed approximately $39,000 worth of cabinets in McCarty’s home.

Boston Celtics' McCarty faces larceny charges | Local News - WCVB Home

A court document said McCarty claims his identity was stolen, affecting his checking account. McCarty's lawyer, Glen Tagliamonte, said the case was about insufficient funds and the matter should not be in criminal court. Tagliamonte plans to file a motion to dismiss the charges.

So if I've got this straight, McCarty's identity was stolen, causing him to have a low checking account balance, which caused him to bounce checks repeatedly with a kitchen cabinet store.  I'm not exactly sure how something like that ends up in court but there are obviously a lot of missing details.

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