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Beautiful. Celtics rout Nets 121-105

That. Was. Awesome.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

What a wonderfully fun game to watch.  The Celtics had 101 points through 3 quarters and coasted to a huge game one victory.

Aside from a sloppy 4th quarter, I'm not sure you could have asked for a better game from the Celtics.  Rajon Rondo looked like an All Star again, the ball moved, defense was played, and the game was won rather easily.

Rajon had what you might call a "you forgot about Dre" type of game.  What, you thought he forgot how to run an offense?  You thought he wasn't going to pick apart a defense like he was born to do this?  He found cutters and pick and rollers for easy buckets all night long.  He finished just 3 rebounds short of a triple double.  He's back folks.

Brad Stevens' ball movement was in full effect tonight.  8 players scored in double digits and 10 scored 6 or more.  They had 28 assists as a team but it was more than that.  It was the ball moving around to find the open man.  It didn't stick and there was no confusion on where people should be.  That's great coaching and excellent execution.  More of that please.

The Nets finished with 101 points but that's not indicative of the way the Celtics played defense.  The guards hounded the Brooklyn backcourt and forced turnovers and bad shots.  The team ended up with 11 steals and Marcus Smart had 4 of them.  If not for Teletovic's hot hand from 3 point range, this one might have been even uglier than it was.

It was just one ballgame.  There's 81 more of these and it is safe to say that not many will be as sweet as this one.  Still, it is hard not to bask in the moment and enjoy this.  Tonight's game was a whole lot of fun.  More please!

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