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Brandon Bass has extended his range to include the corner 3 pointer

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Bass is what he is for the most part.  A solid role player who plays solid defense and can set a solid screen and has a solid knock down jumper.  He's pretty solid.  That said, he's not a star or anything like a leading man and he's too old to get a whole lot better.  With all that said, he's not too old to make some minor improvements that might impact his team in not-so-minor ways.

Brandon Bass a steadying force | Boston Herald

But Stevens knows Bass will find a way to contribute. "One of the things is he’s got certain things he does really well, so he can play a role that can really help a team," the coach said. "He can make that mid-range jump shot. He can post some matchups. He’s extended his range to the corner 3, which we’re really excited about. And defensively we think he’s a unique player, because he’s a guy that gives you a chance to match up with the elite wings in the league at the 4 (power forward). He can switch some screens and guard the wing. "So he’s always going to have those abilities in his role, and then it’s just a matter of how he fits around the others and how much you need him to do."

Adding that corner three pointer could be huge for the team's spacing.  Olynyk can already shoot well from outside and Sullinger is trying to add that to his game.  Getting Bass to pull his defender out away from the block is just another way to open up driving lanes for the guards and wings.

It could also make Bass a more attractive trade piece if the Celtics want to go in that direction.  It isn't just the Celtics who are infatuated with the stretch 4's.  Mid-range is so 10 years ago now.  Three pointers are the new deal and if you can hit them, you are much more valuable.

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