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Injury updates on Vitor Faverani and James Young

"You know, Doc is just my nickname right? I'm not a real doctor." - Doc Rivers (every time someone asked for an injury update)

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Vitor Faverani was hoping to be back playing by now, but has had some health setbacks that have kept him from playing.  In fact, at the moment he's not even traveling with the team.

Celtics Notebook: Home sweet ‘home’ win in Hartford | Boston Herald

"We hope to have more information for at least our near term plan of attack in the next three or four days," Stevens said. "From what I’ve gathered, he’s had a couple of (MRIs), and I don’t know if they’ve showed anything significantly new. But there has been something that people have said, ‘Hey, we need to take another look at it.’ So he’s going to get looked at again. By Saturday, I think I’ll have a lot more information on him. But he’s not with us. He’s not going to travel.

In rookie mistake news, James Young apparently injured his hamstring before the game on Monday but didn't tell anyone about it.  He played a solid game but after the adrenaline wore off, he realized that it was worse than he thought and finally told the Celtics training staff about it.

James Young stays silent on injured leg | Boston Herald

"We had no idea," said Stevens. "In fact, he didn’t say anything until Tuesday. So I don’t know if it was something that was wearing on him, but none of us knew. "Hopefully (it’s) a good lesson for him and us. He needs to communicate that ASAP if he thinks something is not feeling right." The message was delivered by the C’s and, more importantly, got through. "Yeah," said Young after getting pregame treatment last night. "I’m still learning. I guess I should have talked to Ed (Lacerte, the trainer) right away as soon as it happened, but I’m still learning."

Jeff Green is taking a cautious approach with his calf strain but that doesn't seem to be a pressing concern.

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