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Boston Celtics moving up the power rankings

With great power comes great responsibility. Or something.

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The fun thing about Power Rankings is that you can pay attention to them only when they serve your purpose.  If the Celtics are ranked too low, I just dismiss them as one man's opinion.  If they are ranked high, it is totally legit justification for my optimism!  Works perfectly.

The Celtics started the season ranked 25 by ESPN and most major outlets.  See, that's just too low.  But we'll give them a pass since they weren't sure if Rondo would start the season sidelined by his hand.  But the pundits are moving the Celtics up.  ESPN now has them ranked 22nd.  Ahead of the Knicks though still behind the OKC Thunder.  Here's the Boston blurb.

NBA Basketball Power Rankings - National Basketball Association - ESPN

Rajon Rondo's spirited start, Marcus Smart's escape from a long-term injury after that nasty fall and another eye-popping win you didn't expect -- this time Saturday night in Chicago -- have all combined to drown out our outrage about those ghastly new alternate unis. For now.


For their part, ranks the Celtics up even higher, all the way up to 18.  Not too shabby.

NBA power rankings: Warriors surge to the top -

Boston is off to a 3-3 start, and even though Marcus Smart will miss time with an ankle injury the team shouldn't be affected too much by his absence. It ultimately depends on Rajon Rondo, who had the screw in his surgically repaired hand removed and already missed one game because of it. He's had a strong start to the season, and the Celtics backcourt, with Avery Bradley playing more, should be able to hold things together while Smart recovers.

If the Celtics can keep moving that ball and playing defense (while staying relatively healthy), I'll be able to pay attention to these power ranking things a lot more often this year!

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