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Injury update: Marcus Smart out for Friday's game against the Bulls

Wednesday's practice didn't go as they hoped.

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The plan was for Marcus Smart to practice on Wednesday and then play on Friday if all went well.  All didn't go well and he removed himself from practice, so the team made the call to keep him out for at least another game.

While that's a little disappointing, it is normal for some injuries to linger longer than others.

Marcus Smart Nearing Return, But Won't Play Friday vs. Bulls - Celtics Blog -

“I think, obviously, you want him to be as close to pre-injury [condition] as possible, otherwise, he shouldn’t be a full go,” Stevens said before Wednesday’s practice. “Is there a transition period? Absolutely. But sometimes in those first couple days, you’re so excited to be back out that you actually play pretty darn well. So it’s just a matter of him getting back out here. It’s more about the conditioning than anything else right now, just because he hasn’t done anything on the court, physically as far as 5-on-5 in the last three weeks.”

I think I share a viewpoint with most Celtics fans when I say "take your time, get 100% right first, and then come back the right way so you can be healthy going forward."  Smart is too important for our future to risk over a few games in November (in particular in a rebuilding year).

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