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Thank you Gerald Wallace

A minute of your time made a huge impact on a little boy, ....and to a lot of people, including me.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Here's a touching story that you might have missed yesterday.  Apparently Gerald Wallace took a little time to talk to a boy with learning disabilities.  It is a simple act, but one that not every player takes the time to do.  But when they do, oh man what an impact it can make.

See below for an excerpt written by the boy's mother.

To the NBA Player Who Didn't See My Son's Disability

Dear Gerald Wallace,

Thank you for sitting and talking with my son, Davis. Although, for you, this was just a moment in time before heading off to your work as a basketball player on the Boston Celtics, for us it was a glimpse of our boy living his dream.

I don't know if Davis mentioned it or not, but he wants to be a professional basketball player too. Although the slim odds for making it into the NBA would discourage most, Davis will not be deterred. His optimism is one of his best qualities.

I'd recommend reading the whole thing at the link above.

If you don't mind me making this a little personal, I'll share with you that my brother is special needs as well.  He never had dreams of being an NBA star, but he was once a boy that needed a lot of love and extra attention.  He was lucky that he had loving, devoted parents - as many of these children do (but not all, sadly).

I'm happy to report that he has grown up to be an wonderful man as well.  He graduated high school (eventually) and has his own apartment and job and steady girlfriend.  I'm very, very proud of my brother and he's the sweetest human being on the planet Earth (you can't convince me otherwise).

Seeing an NBA player take the time to touch the life of someone like that just makes my heart sing.  I don't care how much Wallace ever plays or how much he makes.  I'm forever a fan of his from this moment on.

So thank you Gerald Wallace.  And thank you to everyone who's ever given time and love to a child with special needs.  God bless.

Also, cheers to the Gerald Wallace Foundation.  See details here.

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