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Celtics falter late, fall to Bulls 109 - 102

Things were going so well early on.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

It almost looked like the Celtics would be able to win another game over the Bulls, but they couldn't put them away late in the game.

The offense was clicking early on, with few turnovers and plenty of made baskets.  That led to an early double digit lead.  Things evened out somewhat in the 2nd and 3rd quarters as the Bulls stormed back.  The Celtics offense struggled mightily in the 4th, coming up with just 11 points.  Four straight missed free throws (2 by Rondo, 2 by Sullinger) put the game squarely into the Bulls hands.

The Celtics defense could have used Marcus Smart today, as Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler each had over 20 points and Aaron Brooks chipped in with 15 high difficulty level points.

Sullinger had a very strong game with 23 points and 10 rebounds but Green and Olynyk combined for just 14 points.  Rondo was just short of double digits in points (8) assists (9) and rebounds (7).  Bass had another typical solid night with 16 and 9.

Basically the Celtics didn't have anything going down the stretch and failed to score in the final 2 and a half minutes.  They either need to execute their offense better down the stretch or find a go-to player that can create good looks the way Paul Pierce always did.

Another game, another learning opportunity, ...another loss.

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