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Boston Herald, Yahoo! Sports, and ESPN all suggest a Rajon Rondo trade is imminent

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Here we go.

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Steve Bulpett himself said on Boston Herald Radio that he is usually the "calm down guy" when it comes to trade rumors revolving around the Boston Celtics, but he admits that this Rajon Rondo is real and that something will likely happen soon. In his Thursday evening article, Bulpett said that Boston is looking to make a move by the end of Friday:

Celtics likely to trade Rajon Rondo within days | Celtics Insider | | Boston Herald
League sources are telling the Herald that the Celts are fully prepared and willing to make a move right now with their best player, believing that, despite what Rondo says about wanting to re-sign here when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer, it will be hard for the club to compete with more inviting situations elsewhere once he begins being recruited.

In addition to the Dallas Mavericks, Bulpett adds that the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers are hot for Rondo, but that the Sacramento Kings were never in the conversation. Contrary to popular belief, the market for Rondo is higher now than it will likely be later in the season, so the Celtics are aggressive in completing a trade.

Unsurprisingly, both Adrian Wojnarowski and Bulpett both say that the trade could expand beyond both Dallas and Boston, since the Celtics can't go above the NBA's league maximum of 15 players. Jeff Green and Brandon Bass could soon find themselves playing for new teams, though there have been no specific rumors about them.

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, this could all be on course to finish tonight.

Minutes later, Wojnarowski says that Houston has dropped out, "clearing the way for Boston to complete a deal with Dallas," and that Rondo would be willing to sign a contract extension with the Mavericks next summer.

Stay tuned, folks, because this is all moving very quickly.