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Paul Pierce eyes a return to Boston in the future

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The Captain wants to talk to Danny and Wyc this summer about his future in Boston

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Paul Pierce will always be a Celtic.

Despite playing for two different teams the past two years, he has constantly expressed his fondness for the city of Boston and pledged his loyalty to the Celtics.

Steve Bulpett at the Boston Herald reported today that beyond playing in Boston for those 15 historic years, those sentiments may dictate a return for Pierce to the Celtics organization after he is done playing as well.

"I'll probably go up there this summer after the season and talk to Danny, talk to Wyc, you know, see what opportunities may open when I'm done...I like to keep my relationships open, especially with the guys in Boston - Wyc, Danny. I may have some business opportunities up there this summer also."

Despite keeping an eye on the future, there are no indications Pierce's playing days are anywhere close to over. He is still playing at a high level on a top team in the East, as we saw on Saturday night when he scored 17 points in Washington's win over Boston. Pierce has a player option for next year, and only he knows if he wants to opt in, opt out and sign a better deal, or retire and pursue other opportunities.

Ideally, Pierce would opt out and finish his playing career in Celtics Green, but it is unlikely that going into next season the Celtics will have the championship-level roster that Pierce would desire as his career draws to a close. Regardless of what he decides to do, it is exciting to hear from Pierce that there is a real possibility of him returning to Boston at some point.

While in the past Pierce has really only hinted at a front office position, he told Bulpett he could see himself on the sideline as well.

"I'm not sure, man. I like to keep my options open," Pierce said. "Coaching could be in my future...So whether it's coaching or being a general manager, it's something I think about. I think it's something that Kevin has even thought about. Me and him talked about it. I think he would enjoy coaching. You know, Kevin likes to teach."

Pierce mentioned that he and Garnett got together Christmas Eve and talked about a few things. Oh, to be a fly on the wall. Maybe they discussed teaming up as assistants on Brad Stevens' staff in the not-so-distant future?

We can only hope.