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Jared Sullinger schools DeMarcus Cousins as he slams Marcus Smart - Garden Report Celtics Post Game Show

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DeMarcus Cousins was ejected for body slamming Marcus Smart, but not before Jared Sullinger took him and the rest of the Kings' front court to school. Basketball Insiders' Jessica Camerato joined CLNS Radio's Jared Weiss to break it all down on the Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show!

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BOSTON – In a rare show of consistency, the Celtics got out to an early lead and kept it, as they beat the Sacramento Kings 106-86 to end 2014 on a high note.

Jared Sullinger broke out of his slump, scoring 20 points while grabbing 11 rebounds in just 28 minutes. Sully took it to the block, rather than launching threes, and it worked tremendously. Facing a hollow Ryan Hollins and a deranged DeMarcus Cousins for most of the game, Sullinger went back to the low-post game that made him so effective last year.

The Celtics held a steady 10-point lead throughout most of the game, but the lead exploded as DeMarcus Cousins increasingly lost his mind. It culminated with Cousins body slamming Marcus Smart, earning himself an ejection and likely a suspension.

Jared Sullinger’s strong first half gave the Celtics an 8-point lead at halftime, as he had a team high 10 points and seven rebound up to that point. But most impressively, Evan Turner stood out in his return to the starting lineup, dishing out eight assists to just one turnover, as he took the point guard role back form Marcus Smart.


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