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NBA trade rumor: Celtics and Lakers briefly discussed Rajon Rondo trade

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Breakfast was unrelated to the talks.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While the Kobe-Rondo breakfast summit was reportedly purely a social event, it seems that the idea of Celtics and Lakers considering a trade isn't all that far fetched.

Breakfast between Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers, Rajon Rondo of Boston Celtics simply that - ESPN

While there are no active talks between the two franchises involving a trade for Rondo, sources said the teams did have a brief discussion a few months ago.

It's not clear which team initiated the call.

Should the teams re-engage in discussions about Rondo, sources indicated Boston likely would ask for at least one first-round draft pick. The Lakers owe their own first-round pick to the Phoenix Suns unless it falls within the top five picks. They also own Houston's first-round pick.

So here we go.  Let the flood of Rondo rumors commence. Sure, this isn't an "active" rumor and teams talk all the time about any number of things.  Still, the teams could pick up the phone at any point and reboot the conversations if the want to.

Obviously the Lakers don't have a lot that the Celtics would want, but that top 5 pick (in theory) would be pretty enticing.  L.A. could use the expiring contract of Steve Nash to come close to matching salaries.

With that said, I'm not sure if the Lakers would really want to give up that top 5 pick (even if getting Rondo might help them win a few more games which might take them outside of that range).   Also, if the Celtics are looking for "at least" that pick, then they might price themselves out of the Lakers range.

This is, of course, the central dilemma for any Rondo trade discussions.  He's worth a lot to the Celtics and they aren't inclined to sell short on him when they think they have a good shot of re-signing him long term.  Opposing teams don't have a guarantee that Rondo will stay long term and they might also be scared off by Rondo's recent injury history.  For the Lakers, think Mini-Dwight.

So this was probably nothing more than two teams doing due diligence.  The Lakers were looking to see if the Celtics were willing to give Rondo away for cheap.  The Celtics are always willing to listen to Godfather offers.  Their positions may change in February, but right now (according to this report) there's nothing there.