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Crazy crazy crazy: Celtics come all the way back but fall to Wizards 133-132

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Crazy crazy crazy.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

How do I recap this???

Yesterday the Celtics were up 25 and let the Wizards get the lead down to 1 before holding on to win.

Tonight the Wizards were up 23 and let the Celtics all the way back to take the lead.  Of course the Wizards forced overtime, and then another time.  The Celtics had them down 7 points in both overtimes and they refused to go down.  John Wall led them to a close victory.  Can't help but tip my hat to them.

Going back to the start, the Celtics starters were not feeling it tonight.  Rajon Rondo in particular was shut out with zero points and only 4 assists in just 20 minutes on the court.

The bench, however, was not ready to give up.  They played inspired ball, which must have inspired Brad Stevens to let it ride. Even though it didn't pay off with a win, I think it will pay off ten-fold with these guys.  What a great experience for them to go through.  (Worth noting: Rajon was the loudest fan on the bench. Clearly enjoying watching the team make their run and compete in overtime.)

Marcus Smart was everywhere. Hitting three pointers (4-8), dishing assists (5), and playing his customary hard nosed defense.  Kelly Olynyk just knows how to make plays.  19 points, 11 rebounds, and all heady, opportunistic play from him before fouling out (on a questionable call).

Jeff Green was the lone starter to play the bulk of the minutes with the reserves.  Ho hum, another 28 points for him vs. the Wizards.  Shout outs to Evan Turner and Brandon Bass as well.

Hats off to the Truth.  Turn-back-the-clock game with 28 points, including dagger 3's and drawing charges at critical moments.  So good.  Just a great pickup for this rising Wizards team.

Great, emotional game.  Hard to take the loss, but a real entertaining ride.