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Rumor: Ainge checked in on Dion Waiters

According to Grantland's Zach Lowe, Danny put in a call to Cleveland about the oft disgruntled shooting guard.

Jared Wickerham

The first sentence of the blurb says everything about how the Celtics are approaching this season and the trade deadline:

Boston has kicked around almost every intriguing "buy low" piece in the league, especially guys on rookie deals. The Celtics have an appetite for low-cost risk on high-upside talent, even talent with "attitude" issues, but Waiters might be too far down the road for Boston at this point. But if the Cavs can find a decent future first-rounder for Waiters, they have to think about it.

Ainge has always undersold any upcoming draft's talent but he does believe in building through it, so I'm taking this bit of news with a grain of salt.  I doubt that he'd part with a future first round pick to see if Brad Stevens could turn Waiters' career around.  A second-rounder?  Maybe.  With the expiring contracts of Kris Humphries and more specifically, Keith Bogans and Jerryd Bayless, at his disposal, it shouldn't be a surprise that Danny would call every GM in the league to see if they'd like to get out of a long term deal with an underperforming young player.  Lottery picks like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Derrick Williams, Harrison Barnes, and Thomas Robinson come to mind.  What's curious is that Ainge would consider picking up another potential starting shooting guard with Avery Bradley's impending new deal on this summer's to-do list.

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