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Bill Russell turned 80 years old today

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"The idea is not to block every shot but to make your opponent think you can block every shot" - Bill Russell

Jared Wickerham

Happy Birthday Bill!

Here's a link to an article written a few years ago.

Boston should honor Bill Russell for his historic roles as a basketball player and man - ESPN

"I always felt it was better to understand," Bill Russell once said, "than to be understood." At a heavy cost, Bill Russell understood. He understood contradiction: between the individual and the team, the distance between black and white, and how different things could be if he was dealing with a person or a people. If you don't flinch from the truth, Bill Russell is all things human and ultimately inspirational: heartbreaking, right, wrong, independent, excellent, revolutionary and flawed. He understood the difference between the American ideal and its often contradictory realities. He understood that publicly navigating these poles could drive a person insane.

Also, our very own Master PO had the honor of interviewing Bill a few years back. Here is that interview in two parts.