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Rumor: Rondo costs two first round picks

Sam Smith of reports that if anybody's interested in Rajon Rondo, it'll cost them two unprotected first round picks.

Alex Trautwig

Here's the blip in Smith's report:

The asking price if you can get Rondo is said to be two unprotected first rounders.

In his article, Smith goes into some detail about Kevin Love's future and catches up with some Bulls' alumni, but for Rondo, it's that singular sentence. Smith does say "asking" price, so that does suggest that it's Danny putting the word out that Rondo is available, but that could easily be read as a GM called regarding his availability and Ainge set the bidding at two picks right off the bat. This is the inherent problem with reading between the lines of GM speak. Plus, it's all getting translated through a beat writer.

At first blush--and maybe it's because I love Rondo and truly believe Ainge when he says that he wants to build around #9--I think that that asking price isn't enough. Give me a young talent plus maybe one unprotected first rounder and we might have a trade. I just don't think you give up a known commodity in Rondo for an absolute unknown. Despite the fact that he hasn't fully recovered from his knee surgery, he's still a triple double waiting to happen and he's clearly worked on his game. The way you consider this is if we're talking to Orlando or Philadelphia, but there's no way they're looking for a top flight point guard at this point of their own respective rebuilds.


Update 2:

Blakely ups the ante a bit.

Celtics seeking picks, young talent in return for Rondo | Comcast SportsNet -

Actually, the Celtics are looking for more than just draft picks if they are to move Rajon Rondo. In addition to multiple picks, the Celtics would be seeking at least one young, up-and-coming, borderline All-Star caliber talent in return. Yes, that's asking a lot.

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