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NBA Trade Rumor: Kings offered trade package for Rajon Rondo

The latest Rondo rumor for you. Expect more.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting rumor from Marc Spears:

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Source said Sacramento offered Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore and two picks for Rajon Rondo. Rondo wasn’t interested in re-signing with Sacramento.

The Kings are in the market for a veteran backup point guard who pushes the ball, a source said.

The source doesn't say that the Celtics would have accepted but if it got far along enough for Rondo to be consulted about re-signing, that's certainly interesting.

This seems to lend further support to the pricetag of 2 1st rounders plus young, talented players reported earlier by various outlets.

So the question remains:  Is there another team out there willing to put together a package of picks and assets that the Celtics would accept for Rondo?  I didn't think there would be, but I guess you never know.

You know how I feel by now.  I'm hoping to see Rondo stick around.  I believe in him and want to see him be a winner here again.  But I guess Ainge will always listen to offers.

UPDATE: It seems like Marc Spears changed what he wrote sometime last night.  He must have gotten additional information or was informed that his original wording was incorrect.  Here's what it reads now.

Source said Kings and C's discussed a deal involving Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore and a pick for Rajon Rondo, but Rondo wasn't interested in re-signing with Sacramento and the Kings strongly value McLemore.

So the word "offered" was replaced with "discussed" and the 2 picks are down to one.  Also, the source wants us to know that they really value McLemore.  Make of that what you will.

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