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Rumor: Raptors interested in Rajon Rondo

I expect a lot of teams have interest in him.


The latest rumor around Rajon Rondo is both interesting and not surprising at all.  Apparently the Raptors are interested in Rajon Rondo.  They have a very good point guard already whom they've said they aren't interested in trading, but apparently they'd be willing to upgrade at the right price.

Raptors have interest in Rajon Rondo | Raptors | Sports | Toronto Sun

It’s no secret Boston has dangled four-time all-star Rajon Rondo league-wide and while the asking price is steep, he has piqued the interest of Toronto’s front office, according to multiple sources. Toronto is eager to up its "star" quotient and is also enamoured with Rondo’s resume, particularly his four all-defensive team selections (two all-NBA first team). He has many backers in the organization.

A few things here.  First of all, I'm sure a lot of teams "have interest" in Rajon Rondo and I'm just as sure that most of the teams in the league have at least dialed up Danny Ainge about him this week.

Secondly, I don't really know what Toronto would have to offer in order to make this happen but I would imagine that they'd have to go out and get pieces in a Kyle Lowry deal to make it enticing enough to consider for Boston.

So I'm not sure how much meat there is to this rumor, but I'm pretty sure we'll hear more about how other teams want Rondo as well.

I was hoping for the usual Danny Ainge denials this morning.  Perhaps he's still sleeping or doesn't have time to discuss rumors when he's trying to work the phones. So I guess I'll have to settle for this non-denial denial.

Danny Ainge mulling what to do with Celtics’ assets as trade deadline approaches - Sports - The Boston Globe

Ainge has stated time and again that the Celtics view the four-time All-Star point guard and captain as an important part of the team’s future. "What’s real is, he’s going nowhere," Ainge told the Globe earlier this year. "That’s what’s real." When asked recently if Rondo will be a Celtic when the deadline passes, Ainge laughed at first, then asked, "So, do I have to answer that question every day?"

That's not really answering the question, but the intent seems to be the same.  In the end, actions speak louder than words.

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