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Rumor: Rajon Rondo wouldn't re-sign with Toronto Raptors if they traded for him

I don't know who's turning down more trades at this point, Danny Ainge or Rajon Rondo.

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First it was a reported deal to the Sacramento Kings that was nixed (at least in part) because Rondo didn't want sign there long term.  Now it sounds like Toronto is getting the same treatment.

Rondo did say that he wanted to test free agency.  This is kind of a first taste of that feeling.  He's got control over his destiny and he's going to use it.

In other news, the same things are being reported about Danny's high asking price for our point guard.

Who will make moves at NBA trade deadline

A deal involving Rondo seems highly unlikely at this point, as Ainge is looking for multiple first round draft picks in addition to a young prospect and no team – to this point – is offering every item on his wish list. But Ainge has always stopped short of sticking the 'untouchable' tag on any of his players, and thus the slim hope remains for his rivals that they can convince him before time runs out. Rondo has this season and next on his contract for a combined $25 million.

With that said, never say never (as much as I'd like to):

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