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Day before trade deadline open thread

Rumors will be fast and furious but here's one place to discuss them all.

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We're getting closer to the time when actual NBA trades might start occurring.  Obviously if the Celtics do anything we'll have you posted with a separate post.  We'll also update you with all the relevant trades reported by the respected media outlets.

But I wanted to also give people a place to come and talk in general about all the trade rumors and perhaps how they all fit together in our long term plans.

Will Rajon Rondo be traded (and what does that mean for the franchise)?

Will Jeff Green be traded and what can we get in return for him?

Will Brandon Bass be traded? (hint: my guess is yes, but it might not be until the last minute)

Will someone (ANYone) take Gerald Wallace from us?  You know, the 2nd worst contract in the league.

Will the Celtics go in the other direction and make a trade for someone (Hayward, Asik, etc.)?

Discuss among yourselves. (but as always, be nice)

Bonus link/quote: Ten thoughts on the NBA trade deadline | Comcast SportsNet -

There’s no doubt that that is the Celtics best option. For the next two months, the worse they are, the better. Getting rid of Green and/or Brandon Bass is the best, most realistic and logical way to do that. I already mentioned Cleveland as a possible (if not all that likely) landing spot for Green, but you also have to consider Charlotte and Phoenix as potential destinations. Charlotte could also be a nice fit for Bass. Bass would be a nice fit for any contender looking for another layer of depth and big game experience heading into the playoffs.

Bonus Link 2Bulpett: Lotto luck key to Rajon Rondo decision

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