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Chad Ford's guess at Celtics' draft big board

How would Danny Ainge rank the prospects? Chad Ford takes a guess.

Jamie Squire

By now you know about Chad Ford's lottery mock draft generator.  It is actually pretty cool in that it doesn't just do a mock draft, it does several, depending on where the teams wind up in the lottery.  In order to make such a thing work, Ford had to essentially guess at each team's draft rankings (what is sometimes called a big board).

I'm not sure how much inside intel Ford has on the Celtics (if any) but I thought it was a good exercise to play the lottery generator enough times to get a feel for who he thinks the C's would pick over others.  Here's what I came up with:

  1. Joel Embiid
  2. Jabari Parker
  3. Andrew Wiggins
  4. Dante Exum
  5. Julius Randle
  6. Aaron Gordon
  7. Marcus Smart

Obviously the top 3 is the most interesting.  Early in the year Ford was reporting that Ainge was very high on Parker.  Back then it was a 2 way race between Parker and Wiggins.  Now it seems Embid has leapfrogged both of them but Parker remains ahead of Wiggins.

International man of mystery Dante Exum is interestingly ahead of Julius Randle, despite the fact that the C's have Rondo. Maybe they think he can play off ball (SG) more than Marcus Smart who is behind Aaron Gordon in this ranking.

Note that this isn't just Ford's personal big board applied to the Celtics.  Ford himself has Wiggins over Parker and Smart over Gordon.  That said, only the Celtics know what they'll do so he's mostly making educated guesses.  Still, I found the process interesting and thought I'd point it out to you.

So how would you rank the top prospects for the Celtics?

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