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Let's Gossip: Dwight Howard's a child, Kevin Love hates sport coats, and Danny Ainge isn't talking trade

Rumor has it...


Teenagers stay up late at night texting with their friends about the latest gossip surrounding Justin Bieber and his drunken escapades. But us? Well, we go to CelticsBlog in the wee hours of the morning to talk with our long-distance friends about the latest rumors revolving around the Boston Celtics.

That's why I'm here to get the gossiping started once again. While the Celtics were playing the Suns, a few tidbits of information were released. Let's get started:

Rumor has it...Dwight and James are scared to play with Rajon

Late Wednesday night, a proven anonymous source on said that both Dwight Howard and James Harden expressed discomfort about the thought of playing with Rajon Rondo. At midnight, longtime NBA insider Peter Vecsey reported the same news:

If true, I've got one thing to say: Grow a pair, Dwight. He couldn't handle playing with Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest winners of all time, so he's scared to play with Rajon Rondo -- another proven winner -- because he's worried the "fun" will be taken out of Houston?

Be serious.

Isn't Howard the same guy that said he signed with the Rockets because he wanted to win a championship? Oh, he did. He said it hereherehere, and here.

What a phony.

If Dwight Howard really cared about winning, he'd be ecstatic about his organization potentially acquiring one of the best point guards in the NBA. But he's worried that Rajon Rondo is too serious? Get real; he doesn't deserve to win a championship with that childish attitude.

Rumor has it...Boston hasn't had any serious trade talks

Steve Bulpett from the Boston Herald probably has the closet relationship with Danny Ainge out of any media member working in Boston. He tweeted this around halftime of the Celtics-Suns game:

He later added that the Celtics are open to plenty of different types of moves, but they have no "dance partner" just yet. I'll take Bulpett's word for it, but I do think it's suspicious that almost every other news outlet is reporting that Boston has had at least had talks.

Maybe, just maybe, Danny Ainge is using the guy he trusts most, Steve Bulpett, to do a bit of damage control -- a little hush, hush, if you will. Naturally, Ainge doesn't want too much information leaking out, so putting something out there like this could keep less information from potentially spilling out.

Rumor has it...Kevin Love demands a trade and he's a fashion critic

This is a good one. Around 11 PM, Peter Vecsey reported that Kevin Love told the Minnesota Timberwolves that he will decline his player option in 2015 and test free agency. He wants to play for a winner as soon as possible, and this may force Minnesota into trading him as soon as Thursday's deadline.

Vecsey says that the Lakers, Bulls, and Celtics, are a few teams that pique Love's interest. But less than hour later, Flip Saunders, Minnesota's president of basketball operations, tweeted this:

Drama! Kevin is such a hater on Flip's sport coat! Actually, you know, it wouldn't surprise me if both pieces of news had a little bit of truth to it. It makes sense that Minnesota would at least talk to Love about his plans for the future, so maybe he strongly suggested that he'd like to play for a winner, and would probably opt out unless they improved the team. Perhaps the rumblings are true, and Love is currently available in a trade, much like Rondo is for the Celtics.

But I'm sure it's also accurate that Kevin Love hasn't made a final decision on what he'll do in 2015. I mean, I don't even know what I'll do one month from now, how can he know what he'll do two years from now? That wouldn't make much sense. That's why with any report released near the deadline, it's up to you to read between the lines.

One thing I think we can all agree on, is that Flip Saunders wears some disgusting looking sport coats. Look at that picture to the right. Did he buy that sport coat for three dollars from The Salvation Army? Or maybe it was a hand-me-down from his great-great-grandfather. Either way, Kevin Love is clearly a good judge of fashion if he was hating on that. Gross.

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