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Will the Celtics find takers for Brandon Bass and Jeff Green?

The market doesn't seem very conducive to a trade right now.

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There's only so much you can gather from watching trade rumors fly back and forth.  There's a lot of half truths and outright lies going on at this point in the process.  Yet there I was, keeping one eye on the Celtics game and two eyes on my tweetdeck (which I can read like the Matrix at this point), I couldn't help but think that the market isn't all that great for what the Celtics are trying to sell.

By "trying to sell" I'm not talking about Rajon Rondo.  I'm talking about just about everyone else.  The prime pieces that are most likely on the auction block are Brandon Bass and Jeff Green but might also include Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, and others.  The Celtics would love to get picks and cap space, but so would just about every other rebuilding team with pieces to offer.

For one thing, the Lakers were in the process of selling off spare pieces like Jordan Hill and Steve Blake in order to free up Luxury Tax dollars.  For another thing, the Sixers, who have long been dangling any and all of their players, apparently just dropped the price tag on one of them.

To put this column more succinctly, if you can get Turner for a 2nd round pick and Jordan Hill (PER of 18.1) for absolutely nothing, why would you give up a first rounder for Brandon Bass or Jeff Green who have more years on their contracts?

Of course every situation is different.  Some teams might (rightly) argue that giving up assets for a player that could walk this summer is foolish.  Some teams might want to lock in guys like Bass and Green for the next few years.

Also, we know that Danny Ainge has often played things very close to the vest, not leaking information about Brad Stevens or Kendrick Perkins etc.  There's also a very good chance that other teams are exploring other deals that will eventually dry up and go to their second option of what the Celtics are offering.

In short, if a Bass or Green trade is going to happen, I fully expect it to happen at the last minute.  If nothing materializes, I don't see that as a very bad thing since we'll still have the option of trading them this summer or keeping them around for the long haul.  Options are a good thing.

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