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Danny Ainge waiting for this summer? No trades at the deadline


Having failed to make a move prior to today's NBA trade deadline, it appears that Danny Ainge and the Celtics have decided it would be in their best interest to ride out the remainder of the season with what they currently have.

As is the case every year, the league allows teams to talk past the 3:00pm EST deadline as long as they began their engagement(s) before three o'clock. But, according to Baxter Holmes of The Boston Globe, it doesn't seem like Boston will be involved in those post-deadline talks.

With that said, it's probably safe to assume that Ainge prefers to wait until this summer to make any type of move -- significant or not. At that point in time, Danny will have a much better idea of what he could realistically expect to get in exchange for any one of his players and, in addition to that, he would know for certain where his pick would fall if he were to acquire another first-rounder in this year's draft.

By leaving his roster as is, Ainge also guarantees himself a full load of assets that he could use to facilitate a deal for a star player, a la KG in 2007.

It may not have been the day full of excitement we were all hoping for but, as I mentioned, what Ainge did -- or did not do -- will be more favorable for the Celtics in the long run.

A fully loaded gun and (potential) draft pick certainty?

Sounds a lot better than any minor deal Boston could have made this afternoon.

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