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Rajon Rondo news and notes

Because it is all about Rondo these days.

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Rajon Rondo is the most important player on the Celtics, so he generates a lot of news, fair or not.  To prove it, here's a news and notes blog post just about Rondo news.  Enjoy!

First, in case you haven't heard enough about it on talk radio, a breathless update on Birthdaygate!

Danny Ainge - Rajon Rondo talk will have to wait | Boston Herald

Ainge departed on a college scouting trip before the team’s return to Boston. Though the president of basketball operations still plans to discuss the issue with Rondo, he won’t return until next week. A team source stressed that "it’s not that big a deal around here," though Ainge hasn’t ruled out fining Rondo for not receiving official permission.

So apparently Ainge can stay home from All Star weekend and work 15 different cell phones calling the league's GMs but he can't pick up one of those phones and discuss something with his star point guard that is putting the man through the ringer in the media.  At some point this is a story because Ainge has made it one but I'll just leave it at that.  Oh, and in totally unrelated but comparative news: the Knicks!

Want a post-deadline trade related rumor?  Of course you do.

The Post-Deadline NBA "

The Celtics put Rondo out there, per several league sources, but they did so quietly and in a targeted fashion, and demanded a very large return.

Ainge gets huffy when people ask him about Rondo rumors, but he's never fully squashed them either.  I'm not sayin... I'm just sayin.  (Note: Don't do it Danny.  I know you don't read this blog so I don't know why I'm addressing this to you but whatever.)

Hey, how about some more positive notes?  It turns out that Rondo and Kelly Olynyk play pretty well together.

Bromance helps Kelly Olynyk | Boston Herald

Four of Rondo’s 10 assists in Monday’s loss to the Jazz in Salt Lake City were to Olynyk, who’s scoring 8.4 points per game since Rondo’s return to raise his season average to 7.1. The fair conclusion is that they see the game in similar ways. And Olynyk’s very much enjoying the basketball relationship. "Yeah, I mean, he’s such a good passer, such a good playmaker," the rookie said. "And he’s really a dual threat. He can score the ball way better than I think people realize. I didn’t know he could score that well. Defenses have to respect him, and he sees everything and everybody on the floor."

One of the highlights of the rest of the season for me will be seeing Rondo on the court with Sullinger and Olynyk together.  I just want to see how that works and how they interact with each other.

Well, that's all the Rondo news and notes for this morning.  (Just kidding, we're posting another Rondo article at 9 AM EST as well)

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