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Sullinger & Olynyk out tonight vs. Hawks, Iverson could be back with Celtics for camp

Baxter Holmes of the Globe is reporting that Jared Sullinger will sit out his third game due to a mild concussion while Yannis Koutroupis of Basketball Insiders catches up with Colton Iverson's progress in Turkey.

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It's not official just yet, but it looks like Sully will take another game off after taking an Chris Kaman elbow to the face on Friday. Celtics don't play again until Saturday night against the Pacers.

If Sullinger's rough and tumble style causes him to miss some games next season, it may not be Kris Humphries filling in for him.  Basketball Insiders caught up with last year's second round pick Colton Iverson as he closes out the season in Turkey and starts to make plans on returning to the team that drafted him.  There was news last week that Austin Ainge visited Iverson and according to Koutroupis, everything is going well:

"It's great to know that they're still supporting me, watching me evaluating me, helping me think about ways that I can better," Iverson said to Basketball Insiders. "I know they're really invested in me right now; I am going to try and put in the hard work and do everything I can to be ready, when they are ready for me be to be ready for them. I am going to keep working every day. Knowing that they have my back and are supporting me right now is a great motivation and I'll keep working harder than ever before.

"It's a special feeling knowing that such a prestigious organization is really counting on you to get better and work hard and do the things for them that they need. I am trying to live up to the expectations right now even though I am not technically part of the team; I am just trying to get better. If and when they do need me, to be ready to produce and help the team win any way possible. I know it is such a big time organization, they have legends that have played there and so many championships, it really is a high expectation that you have to be ready for and ready to live up to."

I mentioned Iverson in today's post about what the future might look like over the next few years.  They could bring him over on a two-year minimum contract and see if he can fit in as a bruiser on this squad.  He's had to mold his game to a more Euro style in Turkey, but I'm sure he can still bump and bang with the best of them.


Kelly Olynyk is out tonight with a sprained toe.

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