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Ravaged by injuries: Wallace has torn meniscus, Faverani may also need knee surgery

The news out of Waltham today wasn't good: Gerald Wallace's season is most likely over with a torn meniscus and Vitor Faverani is seeking a second opinion on his knee. However, Jared Sullinger has shaken off his concussion symptoms and looks likely against the Pacers tomorrow.

Ugh.  Here's the injury Twitter update:

Crash is also dealing with bone spurs (every time I hear that phrase I think of Larry Bird in those walking boots) and it looks like he'll end his season with surgeries on his ankle and knee.  At times this season, he was his own little bone spur in the psyche of the team and although his numbers don't reflect it, Wallace has lived up to his billing.  You could tell at times when he was sick and tired of his teammates taking ill-advised jump shots, he'd put his head down and just drive to the rim with reckless abandon.  Leadership comes in many forms and usually the most effective is by example.  We won't know the extent of Wallace's injury until after the surgery, but recovery from a torn meniscus in the NBA is generally 2 months.

With all these injuries, today's signing of Chris Babb isn't so much a 10-day contract to fill out a roster, but a necessity just to hold practice.

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