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Rumor: Suns interested in trading for Pau Gasol

Interesting movement in the market.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

This juicy rumor has nothing directly related to the Celtics but if a deal like this were to go down, it would have impacts on the trade market.

Phoenix Suns explore deal for Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol - ESPN

The Phoenix Suns have emerged as a potential trade suitor for Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol, according to sources close to the process. Sources told that the Suns, among the options being weighed as part of their well-chronicled desire to acquire an established player as they make an unexpected playoff push this season, have been exploring the feasibility of trading for the Lakers' four-time All-Star. One option for the Suns, by virtue of their $5.6 million in available salary-cap space, is swapping the expiring contract of injured big man Emeka Okafor for Gasol, even though Okafor's $14.5 million salary this season falls well shy of Gasol's $19.3 million.

So basically the Lakers get immediate cap relief (which I believe takes them out of the repeater tax penalty, which could be important for years to come) and the Suns get a former All Star who is past his prime but still effective at times.  He's also low risk since his contract is up at the end of the season and the Suns would maintain cap flexibility.

The Celtics (according to several reports) are also shopping around a big man in Brandon Bass.  I would think that if a team could get Gasol, that would be a better option both from a talent and contract standpoint.  With Gasol off the market, I wonder if other teams would take a longer look at Bass (smaller contract this year, but more years on the books).

Also, you never know when Danny Ainge might try to shoehorn his way into a deal to help facilitate it in exchange for future assets.

It seems like the rumor season is just starting to kick into a higher gear.

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