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Calm before the "epic" storm? No new trade news could mean something, ...or nothing


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Chad Ford is predicting an "epic trade deadline" and one of the teams brought up a lot for obvious reasons is the Boston Celtics.  At the moment, however, there's a lot more speculation than actual rumors.

For example, Chad talks about how he doesn't trust Danny Ainge's proclamations of wanting to build around Rajon Rondo siting that those are the kinds of things you'd say about a player you are trying to increase value on.  Of course then he doubles back and says that of course Ainge could really mean what he says.

He then goes on to state the obvious, which is that Danny Ainge would trade anyone, including his own first round pick, if he thought he could get good value for them.  Well, ...I could have told you that.  Not knocking Ford really.  He's just doing his job, poking at embers.

Update: Here's an extended quote (if you are curious).

"The Celtics have been sending mixed signals to teams all season. Now that Rajon Rondo is back, Boston has been pretty vocal that the intention is to build around him. Of course, that's exactly what I'd say if I were shopping him. Danny Ainge doesn't like selling in fire sales, he likes buying in them. If the Celtics get a great offer for Rondo -- he's going to have to start playing more like he did on Sunday versus the Magic (19 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds) -- I believe he will be traded. If they can't get a great offer for him, anything and everything else is on the table -- Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, young guys such as Kelly Olynyk, even their lottery pick. But as always Ainge is going to drive a hard bargain."

Speaking of poking, this was a funny quote about Ainge from Ryan McDonough, who currently is the Suns GM.

From the Ashes "

Ryan McDonough worked several roles in Boston’s front office over the past decade. He is a modern general manager, one who merges statistical analysis and scouting to make decisions. He started in Boston as an assistant to the video coordinator and scrapped his way up to become Ainge’s right-hand man. "It was a pretty easy sell to everybody here and to the fans to shake it up, that some changes needed to be made," McDonough said. "But that’s the thing I learned from Danny [Ainge], to be unafraid. Of course, now he’s trying to shake me down for a bunch of different things, but that’s who he is; he’s a competitive guy."

The trade season has already been busy for the Celtics with two minor-ish trades already in the books and more expected.  But there's no new rumors as of 6:30 AM today that I can see.

One minor note is that Ainge likes what he sees from Chris Johnson but can't make him any promises on a contract for the rest of the year.

Johnson may not be retained despite strong play | Comcast SportsNet -

"But it's a complicated time of the year for us with the trade deadline coming up," Ainge told "We like everything about Chris. We're hoping to keep him around, but there's a lot more that prevents that from happening or could prevent that from happening."

Finally, it sounds like the Celtics are interested in keeping an eye on the Rondo-Bradley backcourt.  Both from a health and chemistry standpoint.

In focus: Rondo/Bradley combo - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Coach Brad Stevens has noted that examining and molding that Rondo/Bradley combo is at the top of his to-do list over the final three months of the season. "Huge. Huge priority for me," said Stevens. "I think that those guys seem to be, on paper, really good fits, but it’s better to see them in person. ... Their strengths fit each other well on both ends of the floor, and so hopefully that can continue to be accentuated as we get further along into that -- we add to those 30 games [they've started together during their careers]."

So there's your morning roundup of non-rumors and notes.  (Now as soon as I leave my computer something huge will happen)

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