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I hate all your Rajon Rondo trade ideas

Yes, all of them.

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So, in case you missed it, I made a really bad decision by requesting your "best" trade ideas. I'm not going to link to the post because I'm afraid you people will keep submitting them. My eyes, they burn. Can't un-see. (Note: I say this all with a smirk on my face. So please don't take anything personally.)

Now I must admit. They aren't all bad. Some of them are well thought out and reasoned. Some are sarcastically funny. Some are unintentionally funny, which is even better. But there are just too many to cover in just one post so I'll drag this out a bit and split them into categories.

The first category is Rajon Rondo ideas. These will get the most attention anyway so we might as well start here. He's our biggest only star. He also happens to be my binkie right now, so of course I hate all these ideas. Still, I will do my "best" to stamp down the gag reflex and review these as objectively as I can (which is to say not at all).


"Lakers in: Rondo, late 2014 1st rounder from Pheonix
Pheonix in: Gasol
Celtics in: Okafer, Lakers 2014 1st rounder unprotected"

"Lakers: They get another start to pair with Kobe. Kobe loves Rondo.

Suns: We know they want Gasol and this is about the right price.

Celts: They get another great lottery pick. And Lakers will be horrible with no Kobe or Gasol."

Nope. I can't even imagine trading Rondo for a draft pick until the draft order is set for 2014, which would be too late for the Lakers purpose of shedding salary at the deadline.


"Celtics- Stuckey,Drummond,Villeneuva,1st rd 2014
Pistons- Rondo,Wallace, clippers 1st"

Pistons get rondo, we dump Wallace and get the athletic rim protecter we've always wanted

I think the Pistons say no to this one. Drummond is untouchable right now and adding in all that salary doesn't help.


"Detroit gets: Rajon, Rondo, Brandon Bass, and Gerald Wallace

Boston gets: Greg Monroe and Brandon Jennings"

"Detroit gets a talented point guard to pair with longtime buddy Josh Smith, while clearing out their frontcourt logjam

Boston gets a huge upgrade at PF/C while dropping an albatross contract "

This makes more sense, but I still hate it. Adding Monroe and dumping Wallace isn't enough of a draw for me to replace Rondo with Jennings. Do not want.


Boston trades Rondo and Wallace to Detroit for Monroe, Villanueva, Stuckey and Singler

Detroit gets Rondo who they supposedly covet. Celtics get a young center who complements Sullinger, two expiring contracts and a young outside shooter in Singler. Detroit also frees up money to sign Drummond to a max extension when they could lose Monroe in free agency

Getting better (no Jennings) but still don't like it. I like Monroe, just not THAT much.


"Utah receives:

Rajon Rondo
Gerald Wallace

Boston receives:
Trey Burke
Rudy Gobert
Richard Jefferson
Brandon Rush
2014 1st round pick from Utah (unprotected)"

"Utah has an interesting young core of Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks. Theoretically Trey Burke is supposed to be the point guard at the helm of this core, but if you were Utah, wouldn't you rather have a multiple-time All-Star leading that group instead of a promising rookie? Sure, it's a hefty price, especially since that 2014 pick is going to be a lottery pick this year, but right now you're losing the race to even be in the top 5 for lottery balls, and you're getting a franchise point guard. You also still have Golden State's pick which is currently #22 overall, but only 2 games from falling into the lottery itself.

The Celtics get a point guard who has the potential to be a team-leading player in his own right (Utah's record has improved markedly since Burke returned from his finger injury that cost him the first several weeks of the season), a rim-protecting center with potential, and an extra pick and lottery balls near the top of this loaded draft class. With the contracts of Jefferson and Rush expiring, they also clear off at least $16 million in salary for next year, after figuring in the salary owed to the extra draft pick. This would start to put them in max-free agent territory (assuming there was a free agent worth the max whom they could convince to come here)."

tl;dr (too long; didn't read)

Basically it is a salary dump and we get Burke, Gobert, and a lottery pick. Again, let's see how the ping pong balls bounce.

BoTown Celts

Kyrie Irving
Earl Clark
Dion Waiters

Jeff Green

Kyrie Irving
Earl Clark
Dion Waiters

Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Jeff Green

I love Rondo, but this gives Celts a chance to start with a younger core when Kyrie comes in in place of Rondo. Celts would retain their 2014 1st round picks in this scenario, so they can add 2 more young guys to Kyrie and Sullinger (and hope to resign Bradley). Rondo is happy because he gets to team up with his buddy Josh Smith and Detroit is happy because Jeff Green can replace Smith at 9M instead of 14M and has 1 less yr remaining on his contract (they also can use Varejao next yr as trade bait since he will be expiring).

Wut? I think you broke my brain.

Prince Will

"Celtics: Rondo, Wallace

Lakers: Gasol, 2014 1st round pick"

"Lakers get Rondo so they can make their team better now in the remaining Kobe years.

Celtics get a big expiring contract and a 1st rounder. Not really sure if Rondo is the guy to go with for the future."

Over my dead body.


Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green for Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin

"Real point guard and small forward backup for real center and fill-in point guard.

Get set up to draft Dante Exum.

Houston can win now (or get closer) despite what the Machine says. Celtics get a real center that can rebound and play defense.

Lin goes in when contract expires? Celtics go into full rebuild mode. "

Burn baby burn huh? Pass.


"To Detroit: Rondo, Green, Asik
To Huston: Humphries, Jennings, Singler + pick from celtics
To Boston: Lin, Drummond, Monroe, Villanueva"

"Detroit ready for playoffs
Huston ready for contending
Celtics ready to rebuild (with help from loaded draft either Wiggins, Parker or Exum would fit)

...nobody says no"

O RLY? Or maybe nobody says yes.


Rajon Rondo for Brian Scalabrine

Does it sound like it needs an explanation?!

Tempting. Very tempting.


trade rondo,green clippers first round pick to pelicans for Anthony davis and holiday

the pelicans get a future point guard to build around and jeff at the 3 with eirc gordan at the 2 not a bad frontcourt and a pick to sweetin the deal the celtics get a a center they been craving for since the lost perk and a above average point guard.just a idea tell me what you think

Anthony Davis I would totally do. The Pelicans, however, would totally not.


"Celtics trade: Rajon Rondo
Kings trade: Ben McLemore, Jimmer Fredette, Carl Landry, 2014 and 2017 first round picks (both unprotected)"

"Why for the Celtics: This trade completes our rebuild. We get a top 10 pick in a loaded draft to pair with our own, a young two guard with All-Star potential in McLemore, a future pick that gives us two picks in each of the four drafts after this one. Landry has a bad contract, but he's a high character guy that won't rock the boat and we won't be needing cap space any time soon anyway. Jimmer can get a brief trial with the C's before his contract expires, at which point we either let him go or sign him as a shooter/fan favorite/potential Jabari buddy off the bench. With the picks this year I would envision us taking Rondo's replacement (either Exum or Smart) and the best frontcourt player available.

Why for the Kings: The trades they made for Rudy Gay and Derrick Williams seem to indicate that the Kings want to start contending for the playoffs. Isaiah Thomas is decent, but Rondo is a huge upgrade talent wise and provides the Kings with some championship experience. Rondo is also an alpha dog who has shown that he can go toe to toe with anyone on his best days, and the Kings have no one else who fits that description (unless Cousins matures and keeps developing as a player). Cousins' development may eventually be enough to get them to the playoffs, but in order to make any noise the Kings are going to need another star and the only way to do that is by trading for a star. Rondo is the only star perimeter player available right now aside from maybe Carmelo (and can you see Melo agreeing to go to Sacramento?)."

Trade makes us the Kings of the last several years. Do not want to be the Kings of the last several years.


"to Orlando Magic - Rajon Rondo

to Boston Two (2) 2014 first round draft picks, Nelson, Maxiell, Harkless, and Nicholson." "this trade gives us three (3) Lottery picks in the first round of the 2014 draft in June Plus a fourth belonging to Atlanta from the nets.
Nelson and Maxiell can be cut at the season's end lowering of Cap Hold thus placing us in a position to be a playeer in Free agency. and doing the draft as well. Orlando get the point guard who can turn their franchise around with the remaining talent they have. A win win for both clubs."

Again, I don't want to talk picks for Rondo without knowing where they land. A bushel of sub-star rookies does not add up to a Rondo. Also, the Magic probably don't mortgage the farm like that, so both teams probably say no.


"Celtics trades Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green
Utah trades Andris Biedrins,Trey Burke,Gordon Hayward, and Rudy Gobert"

"Celtics get two young promising players on rookie contracts in Burke and Gobert. I've seen this kid Gorbert play a few times he's a big strong shot blocker that can rebound and has a nice touch at the free throw line. Burke could be a great pg to replace Rondo. Celtics also reunite Hayward with Stevens and get Biedrins 9 million of the books at the end of the year. This deal saves the Celtics 6 million this year and down the road.

Utah gets a stud pg in Rondo on a friendly contract, and Green as a third or fourth option guy instead of being the go to man. A starting lineup of Rondo,Burks,Green,Kanter, and Favors could compete in the tough western conference.

I think this trade is a win win for both teams "

I'd rather keep Rondo and go after Hayward in free agency.

So to wrap this up, please let me summarize.


Seriously though, thanks for the effort everyone. I'm sure there are some like minded individuals on this blog that will be more sympathetic to your ideas than I am. Feel free to discuss among yourselves. Just leave me out of it.

I'll do my best to get around to the mountain of Emeka Okafor trade ideas soon. Till then...

Rondooooooo (via sbncelticsblog)

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