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Celtics sign Chris Johnson for remainder of the season

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Boston plans to keep Chris Johnson. He had previously played with the Celtics under two 10-day contracts.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

What could this mean? For the immediate future, that could signal that Avery Bradley's ankle aggravation in last night's game in Philly is worse than expected. It could also foretell the future of any potential trades before the February 20th deadline. The roster stands at thirteen (with fifteen as the limit) with two weeks left in the trade season, but adding Johnson still gives Ainge the ability to take an additional player back in an uneven deal. Presumably, Johnson will be signed to a rookie scale contract, keeping the C's comfortably outside of the luxury tax. Johnson has been a spark as a late season pick up and Stevens loves his tenacity. It's nice to see hard work rewarded. As Jeff points out, Johnson did more in 20 days than Keith Bogans or MarShon Brooks did in half a season combined. Nice find, Danny.


Chris Johnson set to sign for season - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Johnson's prorated deal will cost the Celtics roughly $277,000 (he made about $92,800 on his two 10-day pacts) and is likely to include at least one nonguaranteed future season that will allow Boston to proceed with a goal of developing him, but also making him a useful trade asset if roster space fills up over the summer. Boston will still have one open roster spot and, by our rough calculations, a little less than $1 million in wiggle room to navigate the trade deadline (which could help the team take on salary or bodies in order to help facilitate a deal).

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