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Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley may not play tonight

Per Brad Stevens earlier today.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Stevens was on the radio earlier and mentioned that both Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley were questionable for tonight's game.

Regarding Rondo:

Stevens: Rajon Rondo Likely Won't Play Tonight vs. Sacramento Kings - CelticsHub | CelticsHub

"I don’t know how many games he’s played since January 17th but it’s been a few," Stevens continued, "You are going to have just fatigue and general soreness on his other muscles. I think it doesn’t look like he’ll play tonight, based on the early morning report that I got. We’ll hear final word when we get ready for our walkthrough."

On Bradley:

Avery will be determined later on tonight. It'll be a better chance than Rondo, but it's probably 50-50 he will play tonight," Stevens said.

I'm sure we'll get updates as we get closer to gametime.

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