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Your best Celtics trade ideas revealed

I was entertained. Hope you were as well.

Darren McCollester

Seriously now, no more mocking.  I think this exercise proved what we set out to prove.  We are all homers!

I did want to highlight a few good attempts at trade proposals.  They aren't slam-dunk deals for either side, but they are at least enough to make you go "hmmmmm."

Close But No Cigar


"Celtics Receives : Brook Lopez
Brooklyn Receives : Omer Asik and 2014 first round pick from Philidelphia and 2016 first round pick from Boston
Houston : Kris Humphries"

"Celtics : Giving up a couple of picks and turning Kris Humphries into a future all star would be a great move for the Celtics. It would also help them to continue to tank since Lopez will be out the season. He is well worth the risk.

Brooklyn: It's win now for Brooklyn. With the addition of Omer Asik to sure up the center position, a lot of pressure will be off both KG and Blatche to rebound the ball. This will help these two to open up the floor and find a solid defense.

Houston: By turning Omer Asik into a high energy rebounder such as Kris Humphries, without changing the starting 5 will help Houston be a contender."

I think the Rockets would need more than just Humphries for Asik or the Celtics would have done that deal straight up a while ago.  Also, I'm not sure if Brooklyn is desperate enough to give up on Lopez that quickly.  But I give this idea credit for creativity.

Here's one that should sound somewhat familiar, but with a few twists.


Brandon Bass and Keith Bogans and 2014 Philly pick to Houston for Omar Asik

"For Houston, they would benefit from Bass' defensive ability to guard 3s and smaller 4s. In addition the Dwight Howard Brandon Bass pairing has worked in Orlando. Houston also picks up Keith Bogans whose contract isn't guaranteed after this year, making it a tradeable asset in the future, while picking up a potential first round pick.

For Boston, they get a defensive center to anchor their front court. This allows them to play Sully at his natural 4 position and move Hump to the bench. It will also clear up the log jam at power forward so if Hump is in the C's future it will allow him to still get his minutes. Vaverani also gets a chance to develop behind Asik. In addition the Celtics rid themselves of an unhappy Bogans. "

Originally the Celtics were offering Bass, Lee, and the 2015 pick and that wasn't enough to get it done for Houston.  Now they are (theoretically) offering Bass, Bogans (expiring contract) and the Philly pick (which might be a 1st rounder next year).  If the Rockets didn't take the first deal, I don't think they'd really consider this deal to be an upgrade.  Yes Bogans is an expiring, but he doesn't help as much this year as Lee would have and that Philly pick might turn into a couple of 2nd rounders if the Sixers can't make the playoffs next year.  So I think they'd still pass.

Maybe Giving Up Too Much


The Trade is between Boston and Utah. Jeff Green and Brooklyn/Atlanta's first round pick in '14 for Gordon Hayward and Marvin Williams.

"For Boston: Williams's deal is expiring, which would help Boston resign Hayward and become their SF of the future or SG if Bradley can't be resigned. Hayward has a great relationship with Coach Stevens and has had success in his offense. He'd be great to pair with Rondo because of his ability to shoot and stretch the floor.

For Utah: They don't lose Hayward for nothing and get a serviceable starter at the 3 who they'll have under contract for 3 years (including this year) They also get a valuable '14 first round draft pick. It also makes them worse this year, which will help them out a ton in the draft lottery. They're not going to make the playoffs in the loaded west, so why not Gain a 1st round pick and increase your lottery chances? Also, with over $30million in expiring contracts, would taking on Jeff Green's deal really hurt them that much?"

I like Hayward but I'm not sure I like him enough to give up both Green and a 1st rounder for the right to (probably) overpay him this offseason.  Especially not when he's a restricted free agent and we could make him an offer anyway,  Still, take out the pick (or put restrictions on it) and I'm at least listening.

Winner - Jeff's Favorite


"Charlotte gets: Jeff Green and Brandon Bass

Boston gets: Ben Gordon and 2014 first rounder"

Charlotte needs to make the playoffs. IMO they really need to build their fan base and that has to be done through a winning culture. They need help mostly at Small Forward and Power Forward. They've had years of draft picks, they can't be that excited about a pick in the teens. The Celtics would love another pick in the teens and Ben Gordon's expiring deal creates a load of cap space going forward. Everybody wins. (If someone posted this on Celticsblog prior, I apologize. It's hard to keep track of original thoughts and what gets gleaned from reading sometimes.)

I do think the Bobcats would at least consider this proposal.  They do need to start winning games and Bass and Green would help them do that.  They've had plenty of picks over the years and giving up one isn't going to be a big dent.

If we are going to offload Jeff Green and Brandon Bass, I'd like to get something more than just cap space for them.  A draft pick for each would be ideal, but I'm not sure if that's reasonable.  So maybe packaging them together is enough to justify a pick (and obviously frees up a lot of cap space for us).

In my humble opinion, this would be a tempting offer for both sides.

Comic Cap Relief

Because we all need a good laugh...


brad stevens to phoenix for jeff hornacek why not' 2 young coaches on the cusp of becoming nba successes- hornacek has more nba experience and he plays a mean saxaphone.

Lisa Simpson approves.


Trade every player, one per separate NBA team, for sandwiches. Each team must provide a personalised sandwich that they feel is appropriate for the player they are receiving. For example, perhaps Kelly Olynyk is tuna salad. Every sandwich must be handmade by someone working for that NBA team. Any team contracting out sandwich-making with be declared ineligible for a player. The NBA teams selected will receive players, who will play basketball for them. The Celtics will receive both goodwill, which will be useful in future trades for draft picks etc, and sandwiches, which are delicious.

I'm suddenly hungry.

Gotta pay the trolltoll

"Sullinger, Jeff Green, Bass for...

Rajon Rondo" We need a star!

Both sides say YES.

Master PO

I would trade Brandon Bass for Brandon Bass

"The salaries match. Those wanting to trade Brandon Bass for good value while his value is high would get their wish. Those wanting to keep Brandon Bass, because he is a solid veteran who plays every game hard and pretty good production would get their wish.

Those who would still say after the trade "" I wish could have traded Brandon Bass before the deadline could be told..... "" hey!!! we did!!"" Those who would say ""I wish we didn't trade away Brandon Bass for the sake of trading"" could be told ""we got great value in return as we got a great role player at the same price who looks and plays exactly like Bass and know our system and gets along great in the Celtics locker room plus the same uniform and number can be used""

These are trades we need right now. "

Forget what I said before, this is my favorite one.  Enuff said.

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