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NBA trade rumor: Hawks want Jeff Green

The latest Jeff Green rumor.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

According to various reports, Jeff Green is available for a price.  What that price could be is anyone's guess.  Also, who would be most interested in Green is also anyone's guess.

Here's one reporter who seems to have an idea of at least one team interested.  Grain of salt and all that...

If the name DeMarre Carroll underwhelms you, that's because he's on his 5th team, averaging 10 points per game (career high), and is the same age as Jeff Green.

Salary-wise, a trade of Carroll and Elton Brand's expiring contract matches salaries. But would the Celtics be happy just dumping salary on the Hawks without getting a pick in return?  I kind of doubt it.  So then it becomes a question of what kind of pick (and what kind of protection) we can get from them.

Complicating matters is the fact that the Nets pick that is owed to us will be the lesser of Brooklyn's and Atlanta's.

Update: Feel free to review the Hawks fans' reactions to this rumor here.  But remember (though I shouldn't have to say this) be respectful at all times.  Short version: they think highly of DeMarre Carroll as a low cost, big intangibles guy and are wary of Jeff Green's cost and inconsistencies.

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