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Knicks shoot down the Celtics 92 - 116

Not a great night.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks started off hitting 8 of their first 9 three pointers and built up a 24 point lead in the first half.  They had their swagger running on overdrive.  Carmelo was crossing up Humphries, JR Smith was hitting fadeaways and making sure everyone noticed, and Hardaway Jr. was getting in the act as well.  There wasn't much to like aside from a Jeff Green dunk, some fast breaks led by Phil Pressey, and a huge Humphries block of a dunk attempt.

The 3rd quarter was much more encouraging as the Knicks offense went cold and Jeff Green got hot.  The Celtics cut the lead by ten and entered the 4th quarter down only 10.  Then of course the Knicks remembered how to score in the 4th and the Celtics didn't have enough to keep the momentum going.

I found it interesting that the Celtics at times had a lineup on the court with exactly one player (Humphries) that was playing in the NBA last year (Pressey, Johnson, Babb, Olynyk with him).  As much as I like all those players, they are young and they'll have good days and bad days because of lack of experience.

So it is back to the original plan: Living vicariously through Pierce and Garnett.  The Nets beat the Heat tonight! (Yes, I remember the draft pick, but I'll never not root for Pierce to get the best of LeBron)

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