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Garden Report: New York Knicks Crush Boston Celtics, Phil Jackson Joins Knicks

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In this special guest edition of The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show, we take a look at the Knicks trouncing of the Celtics and the big time hire of Phil Jackson.

Boston Sports Today's Gethin Coolbaugh and Black Athlete's Travis Singleton joined CLNS Radio's Jared Weiss to break it all down. Hear from Cole Aldrich and Jeff Green as we take a look at how the Knicks upended the Celtics so badly.

The Garden Report is hosted and Executive Produced by Jared Weiss for CLNS Radio & produced by Kyle George for CLNS Radio.

Playlist not working? Here is Part 2, as we hear from Kris Hupmhires before breaking down the Phil Jackson hire. In Part 3, we hand out our Boxing Out and Baller of the Night awards. Gethin's is hilarious. Before the game, we heard from Brad Stevens on his transition defense strategy and Mike Woodson talked to CLNS about the mending situation with J.R. Smith. )