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Wyc Grousbeck thinks "there could be some fireworks" this summer

I like to hear that.

Christian Petersen

Wyc Grousbeck seems like an owner that gets it from a fan's perspective.  In fact, in the past few weeks he's been kind of on a roll.  First at the Sloan Conference he traded tanking barbs with the Kings owner.  Then recently he joked that the Celtics would be adding a 3rd Canadian next year in Andrew Wiggins.  He's also come out in support of Rajon Rondo.

In today's Globe Wyc talks about the rebuilding process, thanking fans for being supportive this year (12th in the league in attendance) and hints at a potential faster-than-expected turnaround.

Wyc Grousbeck optimistic about Celtics’ future - Celtics -

"I’ve got confidence that with all these picks and these young guys and our willingness to spend money that we can get there," he said. "We’re a patient group. We will take a multiyear plan if that’s what it takes. But I think this June there could be some fireworks. I think this June we’ve got so many pieces to this puzzle that we might be able to shake loose a real piece or two for this team going forward. So, I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later."

This exactly what a fan like me wants to hear.  I totally agree with Wyc that we've all become spoiled in this process.  I don't want to wait years and years for the next rebuilding process to take shape.  I want to build a winner now and start going after that 18th banner.

Of course caution is necessary as well. We shouldn't be jumping into deals just because we're eager to make a move. Obviously Danny Ainge showed restraint last month at the trade deadline.  If a good deal isn't there, we'll continue on holding our chips and watching the process take shape.

Still, I'm encouraged to hear that Wyc and the team seems as excited as I am for the summer.  Maybe the 4th of July won't be the first fireworks of the summer.  It will certainly be interesting to watch.

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