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CelticsBlog March Madness 2014

Because we need an excuse to be excited about some kind of playoff basketball.

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Brad Stevens won't be making the Final Four this year but he's going to be filling out a bracket for the first time in a while.  You should too!  We're doing a March Madness tourney for CelticsBlog.  The only prize is the fame and glory of being better than all the rest (at picking arbitrary results to games between teams you probably know nothing about).

Click here to sign up now.

While you are at it, you should also do some college scouting.  I mean, you may not have heard about this but the Celtics have a couple of picks in the NBA Draft this summer.  One of them might be pretty high.  In fact, you might not believe this, but the more the Celtics lose, the better their chances are at getting a high pick.  Crazy huh?  They might even come up with a catchy term for this concept.  Like stanking or planking or something like that.

Anyway, go College Basketball Team!  Beat that other college basketball team!

Also, check out the SBNation coverage of the tournament.


SB Nation Bracket War Room 2014: Our experts are here to help you! -

The SB Nation Bracket War Room is LIVE to help answer all your bracket questions. We'll be around all week long with a new post each day. Drop by so we can try and help you win your bracket pool this year!

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