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March madness breaks out as Pelicans nip Celtics 121-120

Madness I tell you!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

This was a March madness kind of game.  A game of runs, key mistakes by both sides down the stretch of regulation, clutch free throws, and a buzzer beater to send it to overtime.

First of all, it was streaky.  For example, the Celtics went on a 14-2 run in the 2nd quarter and promptly gave the Pelicans a 9-0 run.  Boston put up a season high 64 points in the first half.  The Pelicans promptly took off with the game in the 3rd quarter before allowing the Celtics to make things very interesting at the end.

Nobody personified the streaky gameflow better than Jeff Green.  A huge 20 points in the first half.  Not so much in the 3rd quarter (just 2 points and those were a goaltend).  Then another big run in the 4th quarter help force OT and some key buckets in overtime.  He finished with 39, tying his season high.

The critical mistakes on both sides were very reminiscent of college basketball.  The Celtics had the opportunity to take the lead with 13 seconds left in regulation but Avery Bradley fumbled away the ball on the fast break.  Then inexplicably Aminu of New Orleans fouled Jeff Green on a 3 pointer, giving him the chance to tie things up.  In overtime, Aminu fouled Jeff Green AGAIN, allowing him a 3 point play with seconds remaining.  Then the Celtics failed to foul on the final play and the game clock ran out.

I feel drained, which is an incredible statement for a game against two likely lottery teams.

Other notes:

On top of being our best player, Rajon Rondo just happens to be a lot of fun to watch.  Few players make the kinds of passes he makes as often as he makes them.  You can also toss in the now-signature move of the fake behind the back pass leading to a layup (note: I'm pretty sure that Bird did that before anyone in this year's draft was born).  Unfortunately, his shooting wasn't too pretty tonight.  0-4 from downtown and 3-14 overall.

On the other side of the floor, Anthony Davis is a freak (in the best way possible).  Defense, offense, leaping ability, hustle, quickness, intelligence, length... Dare I say it?  He's like a sane Kevin Garnett.  Davis became the first player in franchise history to post 6 games in a row of 28 points or more.  40 points tonight to go with 21 rebounds.  This is his second year.  Scary.

Sullinger took the whole sleeves thing to a whole nother level.  The only expose areas of his body were his hands and head.

Avery Bradley was considerably less rusty tonight, hitting 5 of his 9 shots.

Raise your hand if you saw "Humphries beats the buzzer to force overtime" coming.

Raise your hand if you predicted that Brad Stevens would draw up a critical overtime play to give Jared Sullinger a (wide open) three point attempt.

If any of you has a hand up (and isn't asking for a drink) I call shenanigans.

Madness I tell you.  Madness!

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