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Celtics 0-15 out West, have 14 games left on schedule

Slogging down the stretch.

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Well, they did it.  For the first time in franchise history the Celtics were winless on the road against Western Conference teams.  Not exactly something to be proud of, but I suppose it does serve the purpose of adding lottery balls.

I still don't think this is a terrible team, but it sure isn't a very good one either.  With Rondo in the lineup they are a lot better and they typically don't give up.  There are some blowouts like there will be for any team and there have been losing streaks and then some, but they don't seem like a defeated bunch.

They are simply playing for pride at this point.  That and their next contract or in audition for their next team.  The coaching staff has a lot of work left to do in terms of evaluating talent and seeing what pieces fit with Rondo and as a whole on the team.

All of that is well and good, but from a fans perspective it gets a little old.  Good job, good effort.  Another moral victory and more ping pong balls.  Rebuilding is a necessary evil, but I wouldn't exactly call it fun.  Still, playing in Dallas reminded me of the time in 2008 when we swept the Texas triangle (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio) on our way to the Championship.  The good times are not so far in the rear view mirror that we have much room to complain.  Ask a Cavs fan if they'd like to switch places with us.

So now we play out the string and look for storylines and watch the standings.  Speaking of the standings, every team in the bottom 7 has a losing streak of at least 2 games.  The bottom 5 all have losing streaks of at least 4.  The Celtics have lost 5 in a row.  Of course the Sixers are just bonkers with 21 losses in a row.  Eventually some of those teams are going to win a few games, right?

Speaking of which, here's the Celtics upcoming schedule.  You know what?  They might lose out for the rest of March.

Celtics Schedule

Next 5 Games

Miami Wed 03/19 7:30 PM EDT
@ Brooklyn Fri 03/21 7:30 PM EDT
Toronto Wed 03/26 7:30 PM EDT
@ Toronto Fri 03/28 7:00 PM EDT
Chicago Sun 03/30 7:00 PM EDT

Last 5 Games

@ Dallas Mon 03/17 L 89 - 94
@ New Orleans Sun 03/16 L 120 - 121
Phoenix Fri 03/14 L 80 - 87
New York Wed 03/12 L 92 - 116
@ Indiana Tue 03/11 L 83 - 94

There's another game in Chicago the day after the Bulls game in Boston as well.  Anything can happen in any game, but none of those games seems all that winnable at first glance.

April is another story, however.  Two games against Philly, games against Detroit, Atlanta, and Cleveland all look winnable for this team.  Plus the last game of the year against Washington might be a win since the Wiz will probably be resting their stars.

Bonus stats:

  • The Celtics have lost 8 times by 3 points or less. Tied with 5 other teams for the most in the league.
  • Boston has lost by more than 10 pts. 19 times. Not ideal, but not close to Philly (40), Utah (32), and Bucks (27).
  • Celts are 17-17 against teams with less than .500 record.  5-29 vs. teams at .500 and above.

14 games left.  Can you handle the excitement?

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